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     Will I own the full rights to the logo and can do what I want with it afterwards?

    Yes. The copyright to the final logo automatically transfers to you. At the completion of the project, Urbanlogo will provide you with a Transfer of Copyright document that you can save/print for your records. The only right that the designer and Urbanlogo retain is the right to display the logo in our respective portfolios of completed work. You therefore can use it on any application you need, business cards, web, advertising campaings etc.



      What about international copyright?

    Copyright is virtually international thanks to the Berne Convention which enforces a requirement that countries recognize copyrights held by the citizens of all other signatories. Almost every country in the world is a signatory. For more about the Berne Convention, see the Wikipedia article and a list of signatories. In short, your copyright is valid virtually anywhere in the world.



      Can I trademark my logo?

    Yes, you can. In fact, we highly recommend registering your logo as a trademark as soon as your designer delivers the final logo files to you. It is the best way to protect your logo.



      Is a logo refundable after purchase?

    Once a logo has been purchased and payment has been processed via PayPal, you’ll have immediate access to download the original logo design file as an industry standard vector ( Adobe .ai file).  Note that we cannot compromise the exclusivity rights of our customers, therefore all sales are considered to be final and non-refundable, since the editable source files in vector format have already been provided upon completion of the purchase.

    If you have any doubts, please get in touch before completing your purchase to make sure that the logo you have your eye on is the one you need.






        Are these logos really unique, one-off designs?

    Yes, they are. When a logo is sold it is automatically marked as sold and will never be for sale again, unless you sell it yourself. Every few months, the logos marked as sold will be removed from our website to not clutter the page.


        Do I pay extra for changes?

    We include key customizations in your purchase. These include inserting your company name and making sure it fits and looks right. We’ll then send you the master file again. We also send other files – exporting the final logo to the most common file formats that are usually needed for digital and print use, both with files that contain transparent backgrounds. If you would like the designer to further customize your file in more detail, you can agree a fee with them before any additional work starts.  Of course, you will also have the master file and so you or any designer can make any changes you wish now or in the future.


        Are these logos sold anywhere else?

    No. Our designers have a commitment to sell their logos only on URBAN LOGO so that we can make sure it has been taken off the market once sold.



       How long does it take before I receive my customized logo?

    You will receive a link to download the original vector files of your logo the instant payment goes through.

    If you have requested name customization etc, turn around time is around 48hrs (2 working days).  Note that we are not a huge machine, we are a collective of independent designers and all work is done here in our office in Barcelona, Spain. So of course there will be times of the year (christmas holidays etc) when the office will be closed, following usual business practices. You will find a note about it on our homepage.  But our aim is always for a quick turnaround and happy customers.



     Do I pay extra for multiple versions of my logo?

    Beyond the key customisations outlined above, if a client requires multiple versions of their logo (design adjustments to fit different slogans for example) it is standard practice in logo design to charge a small fee per design variation of the logo to be finalized. This will be transparently discussed and quoted by your designer once we receive your specific requests that go beyond the key customisations included.




     The logo I want is sold. Can you make me one exactly like it?

    No, unfortunately not. When we sell a logo we transfer the copyright to the buyer. If we gave you the same logo (or a very similar logo) we’d be violating someone else’s copyright. Keep up with our Logo Gallery updates to catch freshly uploaded ideas or alternatively request a custom logo so we can try a new direction to tailor the design to exactly what you need.



     I still have a question…

    Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  Thanks!






    Do you need customisation or a bespoke logo?

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