Coming Soon

We are a collective of freelance designers, each working for their respective clients.

Now, while creating a custom logo for a client, you actually produce 3-4 perfectly fine looking logos to present, sometimes even more. The client chooses only one of those presented logos, the one that fits best with what he is trying to achieve.

Which leaves us with all the other perfectly well designed logos on the hard drive. After many years of working as a designer, those hard drives have filled up, leaving many unused ideas forgotten.

We have decided to give them a fresh twist and offer them at a reduced price for you.

This means a perfectly custom made logo, handmade to a specific brief by an experienced designer is now available at a much more affordable price.

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?
We thought so too.  Right now, it is still an idea though, we still have to get this page going, organize those logos and present them nice and neatly !

So bear with us for a little while. Or if you cannot, contact us with what you’re looking for and lets see if we can make a quick selection of logos that might suit.

In the meanwhile, you can also look at our custom logo gallery to get an idea of the kind of stuff we produce.